all birth stories

This project has been on my mind and a work in progress for years. With encouragement from my husband and friends, I cannot hold it in any longer! I’m so excited!!! My heart is full knowing I get to create this website and share my passion with you.

In 2008 my life changed forever when I started working in Labor and Delivery. Each time I walked into the hospital my heart would beat faster knowing that anything and everything could happen. There were so many emotions in a 12-hour shift and I love feeling all the feelings! Brave women and their families allowed me to share in their personal experiences and raw emotions. I loved every work day being diverse, unpredictable, and special. One minute I’m in a calm traditional birth and the next minute I’m running with my colleagues to catch a baby being delivered in the parking lot. I thrive off of this energy.

When conversation leads to someone realizing I’m a Labor and Delivery nurse, it becomes an open invitation for them to tell me their personal story. My conversations revolve around babies. Happy deliveries, sad stories, and crazy experiences you would only hear about in movies. I love it all! My passion derives from delivery being the same physical language around the world. Women have experienced labor and delivery since the beginning of time and will continue to do so. Every person on earth is only here because their mother was pregnant, went through labor, and delivered.

I have had countless opportunities to share knowledge, stories, tips, and experiences to help friends and family prepare for their births. I love discussing all things prenatal, labor, and delivery. I have always wanted to teach prenatal courses because knowledge is power and a powerful woman cannot be stopped. I’m excited to begin this journey with all of you, sharing education and support. It doesn’t matter if this is your first pregnancy, if you’ve never had kids, or if your arms are already full, I want to help you prepare for your birth story.

Here on the blog, I’ll feature a collection of birth stories. The purpose is to find comfort knowing we’re not alone. While we all have unique capabilities and stories to tell, the path we walk is similar. This is a place for us to celebrate each other, resilient mothers, and our astonishing accomplishment of bringing life into this world.

My blog is a judgment-free zone, for those who take medications or have cesarean sections, epidurals and unmedicated births, inductions at the hospital or speedy deliveries. We will respect one another and learn from each individual’s history. We will be happy for each other’s successes and cry for each other’s losses. Every birth story deserves to be admired because our bodies are remarkable.